About Me

 Just an ordinary girl who likes fashion and enjoys dressing up~
This blog is about all my fashion interests, some purchases and outfits
A place where I can share my love of fashion and express my own personal style~

I'm a girly girl I love anything and everything pretty ^.^

-Born in Melbourne, Australia
-Am Taiwanese~ Australian Born Taiwanese
-Can speak English fluently, Taiwanese and some Chinese (I'm learning Chinese and hope to be fluent!)

-Fashion, Shopping, Dressing up :)
-Music: Classical Music, Orchestra; Harp is a beautiful instrument
-Gossip Girl ;) Blair Waldorf and Chuck
-Asian Dramas and Music! Big fan of Taiwanese Dramas and Music/Korean/Japan
-I want to travel to Paris, France one day. It's such a beautiful city~ and eat lot's of macaroons ^.^
-I'm fond of working with children and want to make a career out of that

I think Fashion is a fun way to express who you. You should always wear clothes that make you feel confident and happy and reflect who you are. I think fashion is essential in everyone's life. Not only do you look nice but it can really make a difference to the way you feel. I really enjoy fashion; styling outfits and collecting pretty clothes/accessories.

'We only get to live once, so do what you love, and chase after your dreams'
'You can never dream too big'

I think the choices we make in life are very important. We should try and always make choices that feel right to us. If we make wrong choices and mistakes, that's fine because we can learn from our choices and become a better and stronger person. The way we are brought up and the choices we make definitely shapes who we are. 

It doesn't matter if you like shopping or not, rich or not, pretty or not because in the end all that matters is the person you be~

Do what you LOVE & Be the person you want to be~