Saturday, November 5, 2011

Highlights Melbourne Cup Fashion Week

I just love it when Melbourne is hit with the Horse Racing season. Everyone looks lovely with their pretty lady-like dresses and their fascinators! Here are some of my favourites of the week:

Jennifer Hawkins and Rebecca both look so colourful! I love the fresh bold colours~

 Sarah Jessica Parker Oaks Day~ was a little disappointed- a bit too simple and plain for me

Loved this look on Jennifer Hawkins. Timeless and Classy~ I would go for this look!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Melbourne Cup Day!!

Hope you all had a good Cup Day! Even though I didn't actually go to the races, that didn't stop me from dressing up and wearing my new fascinator! Bought this yesterday, and I think it's just beautiful/ I love the classic colour combination- Cream and Black, the feather details and of course the lovely roses. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dior~ Spring-Summer 2012 RTW Looks

Speaking of Leighton Meester attending the Dior 2012 Runway here are some of the new looks from Dior: I think the collection is just beautiful and elegant~ Classy and ladylike all the way!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Leighton at Dior Spring 2012 Show in Paris

Leighton Meester was recently spotted in Paris attending the Dior Spring 2012 show on September 30th. She wore a really cute ruffle off the shoulder dress and kept the look simple with chic plain black accessories.
I like her make up here, her bangs are cute. And Chain bags are always good :)
Really loved this look on her! It's definitely something Blair would be seen in. She pulls the dress off so well. I LOVE the shoes. They're cute and quirky. Love the thin white straps with bows detail.
I'm not sure who the girl is but I love her outfit~ I love the colour of her top and her shoes and compliments well with her dark skirt.

Friday, September 30, 2011


We're already one month into Spring in Australia.. but lately the weather especially Melbourne is freezing and raining constantly.. it just feels like Winter sigh.. This outfit I wore a few weeks ago when the weather was more like Spring.
 I paired with a cute black and white blouse and a purple cardigan that compliments the skirt. I like the pretty colours in this outfit contrasted with black.

 One of my many floral skirts.. I love the delicate pink floral and white polka dots pattern

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Forever New shopping adventure part II

After the items I bought in the below post from Forever New, I went back to the store a week later, brought along my mum and sister to the store.. told friends about it.. Literally everything was on SALE. Of course I had to spread the news.. :) My mum and sister would say, 'This store is so YOU!' 

This time I bought a Forever New pair of shoes and bag. The offer from Forever New was, 'Buy one sale item, get one free'  Anyone else ever stumbled across a great offer? I just love it when that happens.
When I saw these shoes I was instantly in love with them. Funny thing was, I actually saw them the last time I went to the store but didn't buy it! No idea why.. then when I was at home I kept thinking and dreaming about these shoes..  then went back hoping that my size was still there.. and lucky it was.
   I don't own a pair of shoes like these. I've always wanted a two coloured tone peep-toe bow platform shoes. These are one of my favourite heels I own now. Pretty colour combination
I guess it was a good thing I went back to the store just to buy these shoes...
my mum found this bag for me.. which I just love. It's very chic and goes with most outfits.
I like the structure, the handle and the buckle~ I can fit a lot of things inside which is very convenient. Inside the bag there is a floral patterned material lining which I think is just lovely.
I feel lucky to have stumbled across this AMAZING offer!!

Forever New Haul/Shopping Spree

These are some of the accessories I bought when I visited Forever New store back in July (The huge Mid-season Sale)  Forever New is definitely my favourite store. The clothing and accessories are pretty & feminime. I always shop at forever new.

 The Ring is one of my fave. I don't own anything like this. It's big, pretty, pink and has roses and diamonds

 When I saw this cute knit bolero I was immediately in love with it! I don't own anything this unique~
 I think the pastel light colours are just so pretty and perfect for Spring/Summer
 The flowers are so pretty and delicate. I love how each flower has pearls.

Nearly everything I bought is pink.. which reminds me of this Blair Outfit I just posted-