Thursday, September 30, 2010

Romantic Blouses

 Every girl needs at least one romantic white blouse in their closet! (Of course I own more than one :P) Pretty ruffles, lace, and sheer fabric makes every girl feel feminine and always looks so darling on.

I love how each of these celebs styled their blouse differently. Taylor goes for an olden day time feel with a classic plain ruffle skirt, Isabel pairs it with a floral skirt for a youthful look and Roxy pairs it with black skirt for a classic look.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spotted: Blair in Paris

Blair had so many lovely outfits in beautiful Paris.
Here are some of my favourites
This outfit is so blue and beautiful. I love floral prints. She looks so pretty and delicate plus, I love her shoes! UPDATE: this wasn't an outfit she wore in Paris! She wore this outfit in 4x03

This dress looks amazing on her! I love the mix of cherry prints and floral prints. Her shoes and bag is amazing too! And I love what the Prince is wearing too!

This polka dot dress is so classically chic. I adore her shoes! I need a pair like those.

I also admire Eva's (Clemence) style. So Parisian classic Chic.
 A very lady-like outfit. J'adore
Another classy blouse+skirt outfit. I like Eva and Chuck together but in the end he should still be with Blair!

Lunch date

This is what I wore recently to a lunch date with family and friends. I think gray, cream and pastel pink is just such a lovely combination.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kristin Bell

Kristin Bell is at the 'You Again' Premiere and she looks so lovely in the yellow and white lace Valentino gown. She keeps her accessories and shoes nude so that the focus is on her amazing dress. I love how she cinched a skinny white belt emphasizing her tiny waist. This dress is so pretty.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trend: Rose Hats

Trend watch: Rose Hat
I accidentally stumbled across this shop.. and saw this this hat on a mannequin.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oscar De La Renta Pre Fall 2010

Just had to post some of these:
These were taken from
This Oscar collection is ever so lovely. The colours are so refreshing and vibrant. Makes me feel all happy and romantic just looking at them. If only I could afford to own them all..

That colour is so refreshing! and that huge rose detail is so fabulous!
Just look at this dress. It's Perfection. The delicious plum colour, the silhouette, the ruffles. Amour. Je Veux!

What a lovely outfit. Too pretty.The classic white blouse/shirt is made pretty by that embellished cardigan and patterned skirt. That cardigan is just divine. I love the brown stockings!

Beautiful orange colour. Love the idea: Silky flowy Dress + tweed structured cardigan with a skinny belt. So many different textures combined in one! What a lovely fall outfit.

 That tweed jacket is so lovely. What a pretty blouse made sophisticated by the classic grey pencil skirt
This dress is ever so lovely. I want a dress like this! This one reminds me of the dress Blair wore to Dorota's wedding on gossip girl.
What a lovely gown!

This coat looks so warm and fuzzy! I love the shape of the coat.
 This blouse is just too lovely. Look at the colour and those gorgeous ruffles. This is something Blair would definitely wear. That skirt is also so lovely. Look at that pretty bow!
Pink and grey is such a lovely colour combination! So feminime and lady-like.

Natalie Portman

Natalie looks lovely in this strapless frilly dress. Great hair and make up and notice the bow Bracelet? Love it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


How Blair Waldorf are these blouses?

Headband Collection

Spotted: Blair in a Tweed Jacket

This Tweed suit outfit is gorgeous on Blair~ She pulls it off really well
Chuck and Blair :)

Spotted: Blair Waldorf in Ralph Lauren

Leighton was spotted filming Gossip Girl season 4 in this amazing Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Halter Ruffle Floral Silk Gown. That baby blue colour is so pretty. Blair wears the dress very well!

UPDATE:The episode finally aired in America on 8th November two months after she was seen filming in the dress! Here are some episode stills of Blair in that beautiful Halterneck dress.
Chuck and Blair ♥ One of the main reasons why I love Gossip Girl!
Beautiful and elegant. I love those shoes! and I love that armchair she's sitting on!
Just had to add this picture! I love this picture of both of them. They look so very in love. The scene was so beautiful and romantic!!

Blair Waldorf Style

Since I adore Blair and her wardrobe so much, she gets her very own category. I think the show Gossip Girl has the best clothes on television. Blair Waldorf has so many outfits that it's hard to keep track of. This category is dedicated to my favourite Blair outfits, from the old seasons to the new one.
She is so so Pretty!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carey Mulligan

This was Carey recently promoting her new film in New York. Her outfit looks like a blouse + skirt but is really a dress by Nina Ricci. I really love this classy, mature, lady like look. Just pair a silky, flowy blouse with a classic black skirt and you can never go wrong achieving grace and elegance.

Floral Summer Dress~

I love the colours used in this dress. Green and pink just seems to work so well together. The rose print is just so pretty~ The dress fits nicely and flatters any body.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst wears the louis vuitton dress. So feminime. The dress flatters her since she's thin and tall. I love the Royal blue colour. It looks so shimmery and glamorous.

Louis Vuitton

I really loved Louis Vuttion's recent collection. So lady-like, with the gloves and full skirts. Love the cream outfit in the picture the best.
 Those dresses are so pretty! I love the cream and the pink one the best.

Purple and Green

This is what I wore to a formal music concert. I was inspired by the colour scheme Blair was wearing in 2x08. Green and Purple. Such a lovely colour combination.   


I love the floral detail on my bag~