Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Forever New shopping adventure part II

After the items I bought in the below post from Forever New, I went back to the store a week later, brought along my mum and sister to the store.. told friends about it.. Literally everything was on SALE. Of course I had to spread the news.. :) My mum and sister would say, 'This store is so YOU!' 

This time I bought a Forever New pair of shoes and bag. The offer from Forever New was, 'Buy one sale item, get one free'  Anyone else ever stumbled across a great offer? I just love it when that happens.
When I saw these shoes I was instantly in love with them. Funny thing was, I actually saw them the last time I went to the store but didn't buy it! No idea why.. then when I was at home I kept thinking and dreaming about these shoes..  then went back hoping that my size was still there.. and lucky it was.
   I don't own a pair of shoes like these. I've always wanted a two coloured tone peep-toe bow platform shoes. These are one of my favourite heels I own now. Pretty colour combination
I guess it was a good thing I went back to the store just to buy these shoes...
my mum found this bag for me.. which I just love. It's very chic and goes with most outfits.
I like the structure, the handle and the buckle~ I can fit a lot of things inside which is very convenient. Inside the bag there is a floral patterned material lining which I think is just lovely.
I feel lucky to have stumbled across this AMAZING offer!!

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