Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oscar De La Renta Pre Fall 2010

Just had to post some of these:
These were taken from
This Oscar collection is ever so lovely. The colours are so refreshing and vibrant. Makes me feel all happy and romantic just looking at them. If only I could afford to own them all..

That colour is so refreshing! and that huge rose detail is so fabulous!
Just look at this dress. It's Perfection. The delicious plum colour, the silhouette, the ruffles. Amour. Je Veux!

What a lovely outfit. Too pretty.The classic white blouse/shirt is made pretty by that embellished cardigan and patterned skirt. That cardigan is just divine. I love the brown stockings!

Beautiful orange colour. Love the idea: Silky flowy Dress + tweed structured cardigan with a skinny belt. So many different textures combined in one! What a lovely fall outfit.

 That tweed jacket is so lovely. What a pretty blouse made sophisticated by the classic grey pencil skirt
This dress is ever so lovely. I want a dress like this! This one reminds me of the dress Blair wore to Dorota's wedding on gossip girl.
What a lovely gown!

This coat looks so warm and fuzzy! I love the shape of the coat.
 This blouse is just too lovely. Look at the colour and those gorgeous ruffles. This is something Blair would definitely wear. That skirt is also so lovely. Look at that pretty bow!
Pink and grey is such a lovely colour combination! So feminime and lady-like.

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