Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Melbourne Cup Fashion Inspirations

My little sister and I had a bet and I chose the horse Americain for the win and my little sister chose 'Maluckyday.' Funny thing was that Americain actually won the Melbourne Cup and Maluckyday came second!! Anyway, here are my favourite outfits from the Melbourne Cup:
Rebecca Twigley (Myer fashion Ambassador) 
Rachel Finch (Miss Australia 2009/Miss Universe 3rd runner up) 
Jennifer Hawkins (Myer/Miss universe 2005)

UPDATE: Crown Oaks Day November 4 Fashion Favourites:

 Sonia Kruger
 Model Georgia May Jagge
 Rachel Finch


  1. Ilove Rachel Finch's outfit. As for Sonia Kruger, the dress is pretty but no offence - isn't she a bit too old to wear something that short AND baby pink? i think it would look better on someone younger and more petite - like yourself :-)

  2. Im still staring at all these pretty dresses...btw - would love to see what you wear next year!

  3. lol, I agree what you said about Sonia Kruger wearing that dress.
    I would love to wear that baby pink dress :P

    Same here! So many pretty dresses..