Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Online Pucharse: Forever New 'Brady' Pumps

After my recent post about the Forever New Studio 54 Gossip Girl style collection, I purchased one of the items featured in the collection! I bought the 'Round Cap Toe Brady Pumps' featured on the model below:

Funny story, when the collection was first released a few months ago, I've always adored those shoes and wanted to buy them. However, in store I couldn't find my size and I was also waiting for them to go on sale.. When they finally were on sale a few weeks ago with a further 50% off.. unfortunately, there were none left in my size.. I even asked the sales assistant to search for size 5 in other stores, and she gave me the disappointing news that all the size 5 were all sold out in Victoria! So, I thought there was no way I could purchase them now.

I regularly visit the Forever New website and saw the Brady pumps on sale but not in my size.. then they were sold out again. Then on Friday 15th June I was just browsing on the Forever New website out of boredom, I saw the Brady pumps back on the website with a further 40% off! I clicked on the heels.. and they had one last pair- and in size 5! It was like it was meant to be.. ^_^ All the other sizes were sold out, and this was the last pair of size 5. Quickly ordered it... (and with great price too.. except the postage fee) and when I woke up this morning (20th June), the Forever New parcel had arrived!

The parcel packaging is too cute. I love the little bag/bow pattern. Inside was a shoe box (That got a bit squashed) and inside the shoe box were the 'Brady' heels wrapped in pretty white forever new tissue paper.

Was so happy and excited when I received the heels. This is actually my first time ordering shoes online.. Usually I don't because I'm never sure if it will fit or be comfortable. They fit quite nicely.

In love with these heels at the moment. I think it's very in trend right now with the cap toe heel- ie. Louis Vuitton. I've always been a huge fan of cap toe heels like those Chanel classic shoes. It's very chic, and classy. Been wearing them around the house...

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